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Trilogy Networks and Chat Mobility Launch the Rural Cloud Initiative

March 4, 2020, Boulder, Colorado – Trilogy Networks and Chat Mobility today announced plans for a strategic alliance to accelerate the digital transformation of the most fertile agricultural lands in America.  The relationship will pair Trilogy’s distributed cloud platform with Chat Mobility’s wealth of network assets in Southwest Iowa. 

This alliance allows Trilogy to extend its expertise in Edge Cloud Computing and low latency networking to family farms and multi-national corporations focused on precision agriculture across rural America. Edge Computing optimizes the interaction of IoT sensors & devices with Cloud applications by bringing compute and storage closer to the sources of data. This dramatically reduces latency and bandwidth requirements, enabling automation of the agricultural ecosystem.   Farmers will have access to accurate data captured in real time from connected devices throughout their farm during the entire crop cycle.

“The Precision Agriculture segment has been keenly focused on solutions to drive the next generation of efficiency in agricultural output,” said George Woodward, President & CEO of Trilogy Networks. "We are at the genesis of what converged IT, OT (operational technologies), and the Internet of Things can achieve. Producers are constantly looking to increase yields and lower costs. The power of Edge computing within feet of the crops is a game changer. Trilogy’s LinX network and Multi-Tenant Edge solutions will enable the most efficient and highest quality food production on earth.”

“The first phase of our alliance includes the deployment of high capacity computing and storage in our data center, within our central offices, and at several cell sites across Southwest Iowa,” said Brian Spurgeon, General Manager of Chat Mobility. “This forward-looking initiative continues our history of delivering the cutting-edge solutions needed by our customers, in this case, real-time analytics at the far Edge of network covering thousands of square miles of rich agricultural lands.”

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