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Emerson, IA – June 18, 2018 - Chat Mobility would like to alert the public of a reported scam that occurred sometime around June 16 or June 17, 2018. A customer received a text message asking for a $25 payment via an iTunes gift card to clear their balance or their service would be shut off until paid.

If you receive a text message asking for payment on your Chat Mobility account via an iTunes Gift card or any other “like” payment means, please disregard the request. This is a SCAM.

Typically, the telephone number sending the text message and the provided contact number either match the customer’s local area code and/or may appear to be a toll-free number. This is done to trick the recipient into believing the text is legitimate.

Chat Mobility would like to advise our customers that we do not send text messages demanding payment. If you receive this or any other scam text messages or phone calls, you may file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on their website here:

If you have been a victim of this scam, please contact your nearest Chat Mobility Retail location to make a report. Here is a link to locate the nearest retail center serving your area.

About Chat Mobility

Headquartered in Emerson, IA., Chat Mobility is a provider of wireless services to rural customers in southwest and south-central Iowa for over twenty-five years. Chat Mobility provides its customers with innovative technology including data and mobile services, the latest wireless equipment and nationwide coverage. For more information about Chat Mobility and its products and services, visit or call 800-944-5526.