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Chat Mobility to Launch 5G-Enhanced Devices

Despite frequent announcements of who is deploying 5G services, the truth of the matter is…5G is in its infancy and is not nearly as widespread as 4G LTE. 5G-capable phones are starting to become available; however, a new 5G device only ensures the benefits available from the served carrier. i.e., A 5G-capable phone from Chat Mobility will continue to offer the same great 4G high-speed data you’ve come to love with our nationwide network. Once we implement a new 5G network, customers with 5G phones will experience even faster and enhanced data speeds.

There are two primary benefits to 5G.

    1. Ultra-fast data speeds
    2. Low latency or (response time)

Here are some FAQ’s about 5G-capable phones.

    1. If I purchase a 5G-capable phone, will it work on another carrier’s 5G network before Chat Mobility rolls out 5G?
      No. If you purchase a 5G-capable phone from Chat Mobility before we launch our 5G network, the device will not roam on other 5G networks. You’ll still have great nationwide 4G LTE service like you do today.

    2. Do I need a new phone to experience 5G?
      To take advantage of 5G, you’ll eventually need to buy a 5G-capable phone.

    3. Should I buy a 5G-capable phone if I’m ready for an upgrade?
      If you buy a 5G-capable phone now, you’ll prepare yourself for the future. You may want to take into consideration how often you plan to upgrade your phone. If you typically purchase a new device every 1-to-2 years’ and you just bought one last year, it probably makes sense to wait until next year to purchase a 5G-capable device.

    4. Will my 4G LTE phone work after Chat Mobility rolls out its 5G network?
      Yes. You will be able to use your 4G LTE phone (with possible enhancements) even after 5G is rolled out. 4G LTE networks will continue to play a critical role with 5G networks.

    5. When will 5G work on Chat Mobility’s network?
      Chat Mobility continues to lay the groundwork for 5G as we plan and invest in the future of wireless.

    6. Will 4G go away after 5G is launched?
      No. 4G will continue to be a critical part of wireless technology in tandem with 5G networks. 5G will be incorporated where it makes sense, and most of the technologies that drive faster speed in 5G will improve 4G LTE as well.

    7. Will I have to pay more to use 5G?
      As of now, no decision has been made on whether customers will pay additional for 5G services.

    8. Are 5G and VoLTE the same thing?
      No. 5G is the next-generation mobile data network. It will bring faster speed, lower latency (response time) and the ability to connect more devices at once. It will connect people through personal devices, machines, and other objects. VoLTE (Advanced Calling) is necessary to route voice calls, text and picture messages over the 4G LTE network. VoLTE will offer two primary benefits: 1) the ability to use data while on a call and 2) superior call quality.