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Get 3 months FREE for any new line of postpaid service.

Who Is Eligible?

  •  New customers porting or switching to Chat Mobility.
  •  Existing Chat Mobility customers adding a new line of service to their account.
     Customer’s account status must be current at the time of the new
  • Customer must sign up to any of these new rate plans ($35 – 3 GB, $45 – 8 GB, or $55 -
  • Promotional credit applies to all new line(s) of service and not the entire account.
  • Credit will be applied after the phone(s) has been active through 3-bill cycles.
  • Account must be in current status for credit to apply.


Three Months Free* requires a new line of service and is only valid for new lines of service. Line must stay active for at least three months to receive continuous credits. Unlimited Data: Once 22GB of data has been used on a particular-line, during your current bill cycle, download speeds may be reduced which results in slower download speeds for the remainder of the bill cycle. A credit card on account or a form of guaranteed funds is required. Limited time offer. Other restrictions may apply. See store for details.