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How do I register using the Shop Samsung app?

1. Download the Shop Samsung app on your Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ or Note8 device in the Google Play
    store and install the app.

2. Open the Shop Samsung app, tap the “Menu Icon” on top left > select “My Inbox” >Double Your Memory offer.

3. Tap SEE IF I’M ELIGIBLE to get started.

4. Tap ALLOW when prompted to allow Shop Samsung to make and manage phone calls.

5. Tap REGISTER NOW for the Samsung Double Your Memory  Offer.

6. Tap OK when prompted to sign in to your Samsung Account to redeem the offer.

7. Tap ALLOW when prompted to allow Shop Samsung to access your contacts.

8. If you are not signed in to Samsung Account on your device, you will be prompted to sign in. Otherwise, you will be automatically signed in to your Samsung Account on the Shop Samsung app.

9. Fill out the required information, and if prompted, upload receipt/proof of purchase by 11:59:59 PM ET on August 7, 2018.

Visit and click on “mobile” under the “Promotional categories”. Please fill out the form for redemption or you can download the Shop Samsung app to redeem the offer.